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What's dirtier...a toilet handle or a cell phone (Mobile)?

What's dirtier...a toilet handle or a cell phone? Your brain says toilet handle, but the reality is your cell phone. In fact, 18 times dirtier.
Research by a Consumer group says germs thrive in warm places.
So between the heat of the phone and the germs from your face and hands, the handset acts like a petri dish. The tests also showed how easily bacteria could linger on the surface of a phone, which could be passed along if other people held the handset to look at photos or other applications.
The consumer group recommends cleaning handsets regularly with alcohol wipes These harmful bacteria included enterobacteria, a group of bacteria like salmonella and food poisoning bugs like E.coli and staphylococcus aureus.
Though, not all the phones had bacteria, shared researcher Ceri Stanaway, adding that the bugs spread infection onto hands, from where they get passed on to other phones. The research focused on the various ways through which individuals can easily come into contact with the bacteria.
Bacteria tend to linger on the surface of a phone and passes on to other people who come in contact with the very phone for either using it or viewing its programs. Even the handle of a toilet flush possess lesser bacteria than a phone.

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