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Getting SMSs from 52906 on Cricket alerts.

If any one gettting unwanted Cricket alerts from 52906 without
any subscription to that services and deducting of Rs.3/- .
To deactivate that services..plz send return SMS to that services for
UNSUB(space)CRI send SMS to 52906
Then automatically u will get confirmation SMS for unsubscribing of
52906 Cricket alerts...


  1. First of all please explain as to how without subscribing such smsz start on their own.

    Don't you think the culprits at your dept should be canned publically ???

    I wish you BSNL ppl were in Gulf.

    You have made a Mockery of Indian System..........

    You are paid by the Dept yet you are anti dept and a few of you are on the pay roll of competitors...

  2. hi,
    i am bsnl customer from Guwahati (9435407113). i am also getting 'masala jokes' sms from 52906 (symbiotic}. i have not subscribed for any such service but the ist sms from 52906 read as "dear customer thank you for subscribing to COMBO JOKES. you will be charged Rs.2/day". i sent sms to 52906 for stopping the service and every times the response was "sorrry, invalid code".
    finally, after searching in the net , i sent UNSUB MJ to 52906 and the reply was "you have no account active in 52906. for further details pls send HELP to 52906. you will be charged Rs.2/sms.". further, they keep sending their nonsense masala jokes. when i send HELP to 52906 the result was awesome. they sent advertisement of all the nonsense services available with them. i am sure , for all this sms i am sending to stop the fraud they are charging me and i am losing money and time for no fault of mine. is the bsnl and Symbiotic treating the hard earned income of the customer as BAAP KA MAAL ????. the service is a profit sharing one between bsnl and symbiotic. how can bsnl avoid its responsibilities?? how come such fraudulent service provider infiltrate into bsnl network without the active participation of bsnl?? just think what happen if 10/15 such service provider start sending their nonsense services to bsnl customer without consent and charge for their services??
    there must be some system/technology in place to kick out such service providers, either in the hand of bsnl or its customer to stop such fraud. i hope bsnl is not planning to force its loyal customers to leave bsnl and opt for some other telecom service provider, especialy when there is a provision to migrate other network without changing the phone number.


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