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Free Phone Backup

Most of the Giant operators  BSNL - AIRTEL - TATAINDICOM are offering these PHONE BACKUP services with monthly charge. But
the service is free.
If you were to lose your phone somewhere or thefted someone, your
biggest worry would probably be how to re-create all data that was in it.
All the hundreds of important names and phone numbers, peoples mail addresses
and a whole bunch of important SMS you've received. Now all this would be gone forever or extremely time consuming to re-enter.
The service makes a copy of all your data and keeps it up to date. When you enter a new contact on the phone it's mirrored to your copy and maintained by the service. No need to buy any special cables to attach your phone to a computer to make this happen.
Should you lose your phone, you simply log on to the service and register your new phone,  all the data you had on your old phone automatically comes back to your brand new one over the airwaves.
If you were a user before you bought your new phone, you
simply register your new phone with the service and the address book and the rest of your personal data comes back to you just like magic.
Before registering the above services it is better to read mobical Terms and conditions.

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